2020-2021 Legislation

2020 - 2021 Legislative Package

Protecting Children & Families

SB 1103: Workforce training programs: farmworkers

This bill will ensure improved pathways to employment for dislocated farmworkers. It additionally establishes a competitive grant program for purposes of job-driven grants to support displaced workers in the Southern Central Valley, prepare English-learners for work, and fund valley-based apprenticeship programs, or expand workforce development programs serving the Southern Central Valley.

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SB 1110: Pre Med Pipeline: community colleges

This bill will facilitate pre-medical career preparation to help end the provider shortage in the Central Valley. The California Medicine Scholars Program build a pipeline of talented community college students to launch a California Medicine Scholars Program in three pilot sites, including the Central Valley.

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Access to Healthcare & Services for Seniors

SB 1259 Licensed adult residential facilities and residential care facilities for the elderly: SSI/SSP recipients

This bill will require the department to establish a task force for the purpose of issuing a report that includes recommendations on how to meet the housing and care needs of recipients of SSI/SSP benefits.

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SB 1264 Human Services: guardians for the severely disabled

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented number of challenges facing the state and legislature and Senate District 14. In recent years, wildfires and other natural disasters have caused mass evacuations of hundreds of licensed residential facilities designed to assist with non-medical care of individuals housed within these facilities. This bill addresses potential states of disaster, such as wildfires, extends the sunset on the LEAP job program for persons with disabilities until January 1, 2022, and clarifies the Council on Developmental Disability's appointment of an authorized representative.

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SB 1341 CalWORKs: family reunification

This bill will ensure that Family Reunification Case be considered an active CalWORKs case when a child is removed from the home and reunification services are being provided, helping ensure families get the support they need when trying to reunite.

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Access to Clean Water & Healthy Communities

SB 559: Repairing the Central Valley’s Friant-Kern Canal

This bill will help repair and restore the capacity of the Friant-Kern Canal bill by requiring a plan for a both federal and state funding to pay for a share of the project, helping to clarify the funding needs of this critical infrastructure project for both state and federal partners.

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SB 974: California Environmental Quality Act: small disadvantaged community water system

This bill will help rural communities expedite clear water projects for their community. SB 974 exempts drinking water projects for public water systems, such as water systems owned and operated by schools that serve disadvantaged communities, from the Mitigated Negative Declaration (NMD), which can cause years of project delays, within the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

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SB 1012: Oil and gas wells: hazardous or idle-deserted wells and facilities.

This bill will allocate funds for purposes of plugging and abandoning hazardous or idle-deserted wells and decommissioning hazardous or deserted facilities (oil wells).

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  Coauthored Legisaltion 

AB 48 (O’Donnell) Education finance: school facilities: Public Preschool, K-12, and College Health and Safety Bond Act of 2020.

AB 512 (Ting) Medi-Cal: specialty mental health services.

AB 629 (Smith) Crime victims: the California Victim Compensation Board.

AB 651 (Grayson) Air ambulance services.

AB 803 (Gipson) Peace Officer Peer Support Labor Management Committee.

AB 1031 (Nazarian) Youth Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Program Act of 2019.

AB 1058 (Salas) Medi-Cal: specialty mental health services and substance use disorder treatment.

AB 1531 (Salas) State agencies: bilingual services.

AB 1659 (Bloom) Large electrical corporations: wildfire mitigation: revenue bonds.

AB 1929 (Blanca Rubio) Child abuse and neglect reporting.

AB 3016 (Megan Dahle) Board of Registered Nursing: online license verification.

ACA 14 (Gonzalez) University of California: support services: equal employment opportunity standards.

ACR 116 (Waldron) Women’s suffrage in California: anniversary.

SB 14 (Glazer) Education finance: Higher Education Facilities Bond Act of 2020.

SB 45 (Allen) Wildfire Prevention, Safe Drinking Water, Drought Preparation, and Flood Protection Bond Act of 2020.

SB 302 (Portantino) International trade and investment office: Republic of Armenia.

SB 321 (Mitchell) CalWORKs: supportive services: childcare.

SB 558 (Hueso) Commission on California-Mexico Affairs.

SB 852 (Pan) Health care: prescription drugs.

SB 855 (Wiener) Health coverage: mental health or substance use disorders.

SB 859 (Wiener) Master plan for HIV, HCV, and STDs.

SB 894 (Rubio) Disorderly conduct: distribution of intimate images: statute of limitations.

SB 912 (Beall) California Fostering Connections to Success Act.

SB 1141(Rubio) Domestic violence: coercive control.

SCR 19 (Galgiani) Women in Construction Week.

SCR 48 (Archuleta) National Military Appreciation Month.

SCR 50 (Skinner) International Midwives’ Day.

SCR 53 (Grove) 75th anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of Normandy.

SCR 76 (Rubio) Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

SCR 80 (Archuleta) Latino Veterans Day.

SCR 88 (Galgiani) California Peace Officers’ Memorial Day.

SJR 4 (Leyva) Title X.

SJR 7 (Glazer) Military and veterans.


Principal Coauthored Legislation 

AB 274 (Mathis) Water treatment facility: State Water Resources Control Board: grant.

AB 2112 (Ramos) Suicide prevention.



2019 - 2020 Legislative Package

Protecting Children & Families

SB 436: Preventing Child Abuse – Family Resource Centers

Will help prevent child abuse and neglect by formalizing Family Resource Centers as a key delivery network of services and as conduits to strengthening families via family-centered, community-based and culturally sensitive services that include cross-system collaboration as a means to prevent child abuse and neglect.

SB 490: Holding Families Harmless for CalFresh County Over-Issuances

This bill would ensure that CalFresh recipients are not forced to pay back over-issued food stamps that were a result of a county error. 

Access to Healthcare & Services for Seniors

SB 260: Healthcare: Keeping Families Covered

Will help ensure Californians maintain health coverage by requiring health plans and insurers to give consumers who lose their coverage for any reason notices of the availability of Medi-Cal and Covered California coverage. The bill will also make it easier for Covered California to reach out to consumers, who have lost their coverage to help minimize gaps in their coverage.

SB 453: Serving Our Seniors: Aging and Disability Resource Centers “No Wrong Door”

This bill will make it easier for older adults and people living with disabilities, as well as their families, to access support through additional funding facilitated by the Aging and Disability Resource Connection Program and the No Wrong Door System.

Access to Clean Water & Healthy Communities

SB 351: Fair Share of Transformative Climate Communities Dollars for Unincorporated Communities

Will help ensure unincorporated communities have access to implementation funding from the Transformative Climate Communities program. 

SB 513: Household Water Tanks for Homes with Dry Wells

This bill will provide relief for rural families without reliable access to water by providing a temporary alternative source of water supply, including water tanks.

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