2019 Legislation

SB 230 requires peace officers to receive additional training, resources, and guidelines to reduce the use of deadly force.

SB 317 restricts certain toxic chemicals from use in RVs, which will encourage the use of safe alternatives and protect our groundwater in these and the surrounding communities.

SB 527 saves agricultural landowners up to 75% property tax liability each year by incorporating cannabis and industrial hemp cultivators into the Williamson Act, allowing them to receive the same property tax assessment and relief as other agriculture sectors in the state.  

SB 697 brings our state closer to healthcare equity in underserved areas by modernizing the day to day practice of Physician Assistants and allowing them to partner with physicians.

SB 726 expands the reusable household hazardous materials exchange programs and allows jurisdictions to more easily transport reusable household hazardous waste products to other sites that support these programs, including non-profits.

SB 744 makes it easier for California to build supportive housing for people who live with mental illness and are experiencing homelessness.