2024 Legislation

SB 37 – Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities Housing Stability Act:

Provides a rent subsidy for older adults and adults with disabilities who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness. The bill will establish a pilot program to administer competitive grants to nonprofit organizations, continuums of care, and other organizations. Grantees will be selected with the resources, expertise, and cultural specificity to provide assistance. 


SB 225 – Community Anti-displacement and Preservation Program (CAPP):

Creates CAPP, which creates the framework and technical assistance program within The Housing and Community Development Department to assist with the acquisition and rehabilitation of market rate units and conversion to deed-restricted affordable rental units. 


SB 366 – California Water for All:

Revises and recasts the California Water Plan, updating its provisions in order to identify infrastructure and regional planning needed to address the extreme climate impacts of the 21st century.


SB 632 – Candidate Statements:

Candidates that run in an election that covers more than one county, may submit their candidate statement for approval to the Secretary of State. Once approved, that candidate statement may be shared with all county elections offices. 


SB 768 – Vehicle Miles Traveled Study:

This bill will require the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to conduct a study to determine how vehicle miles traveled is used as a metric to measure transportation impacts from housing production.


SB 785 – Ticket Sales Consumer Protections:

Enacts reforms that places consumers and entertainers first by: Imposing ticket price transparency and full fee disclosures on all ticket sellers. Ends the outrageous practice of speculative ticketing by imposing easily enforceable rules to reduce consumer price gouging and penalizes ticket sellers and platforms who list speculative tickets. Establishes penalties for deceptive URLs to lure consumers into buying tickets at inflated prices. Establishes serious penalties for employing bots that allow professional scalpers to hoard tickets. 


SB 1123 – Small Lot Homeownership Production:

This bill will provide technical clean-up to create an administrative pathway to build, for sale small housing units on infill parcels.


SB 1140 – Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD) and Climate Resiliency District (CRD) Streamlining:

The current process to form an EIFD, or a CRD to use tax-increment financing, is cumbersome and costly, taking up to a year to complete. This bill reforms EIFD and CRD law to streamline formation process and expand the types of projects these tools can finance. 


SB 1303 – Third Party Labor Law Verifiers on Public Works Contracts:

This proposal would define oversight on third party verifiers contracted by local governments to ensure compliance with state labor code. This is a bill to ensure workers on public works projects are protected.


SB 1386 – Sexual Assault Evidence:

This bill clarifies that Rape Shield Laws bar the admission of the plaintiff’s history of sexual conduct (either consensual or non-consensual) as evidence to prove consent or an “absence of damages”.


SB 1390 – Flood Diversion and Groundwater Recharge:

This bill builds upon the progress made in the past year to capture atmospheric water and permit the diversion of excess flood flows for groundwater recharge. It clarifies when these flows may be captured for the benefit of aquifers, what planning requirements are necessary for local agencies pursuing recharge and an expansion of the reporting requirements for diversions made under existing law.


SB 1420 – Clean, Renewable Hydrogen:

This bill requires the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to adopt renewable hydrogen standards for the production and sale of hydrogen. Adds renewable hydrogen to the types of renewable energy for the RPS program, and removes the exclusion for hydrogen and biomass administrative record and judicial review. Allows hydrogen and biomass facilities to be certified as environmental leadership development projects. 


SB 1432 – Seismic Relief:

This bill will extend the timeline for hospitals to meet the 2030 seismic requirements and require new plans to ensure patient continuity is intact and new reporting requirements to enhance transparency and accountability.


SB 1481 – Claims against the state:

This bill will serve as the annual appropriation for claims made against the state. The bill is currently in a spot format as those claims have not yet been determined.