Senator Anna M. Caballero Announces Legislation to Expand Access to Critical Health Care Services for Californians

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Senator Anna M. Caballero Announces Legislation to Expand Access to Critical Health Care Services for Californians

Sacramento:  Senator Anna M. Caballero (D-Merced) announced the introduction of Senate Bill 524: Pharmacy Practice: Test-to-Treat to allow pharmacists to prescribe treatment for certain common conditions for which they can currently perform tests. These conditions include COVID-19, influenza, sexually transmitted infections, strep throat, and conjunctivitis (pink eye).

Nearly nine in ten Californians live within five miles of a community pharmacy, and the role of the pharmacist to manage a patient’s healthcare needs is within easy reach and an underused resource. California can take advantage of the rigorous training a pharmacist receives and utilize it to quickly prescribe medications that can stop the spread of illness.

“Healthcare is inaccessible for many Californians, especially those in rural areas. Rural residents, confronted by a shortage of physicians, a lack of transportation and hospital closures are often limited in access to treatments for various viral illnesses. Senate Bill 524 would expand the ability of a pharmacist to provide treatment within their training to save time and avoid a costly trip to the hospital.” –Senator Anna M. Caballero, District 14

"The California Community Pharmacy Coalition is proud to support Senator Caballero’s legislation, SB 524, which would allow pharmacists to ‘test and treat’ for specific illnesses in a community pharmacy," said Rachel Michelin, president of the California Community Pharmacy Coalition. "All Californians deserve to have healthcare services in their communities and this bill focuses on ensuring patients have equitable access, which is particularly important for those living in rural areas where healthcare facilities can be hard to reach. As we learned during COVID, early treatment of certain illnesses such as the flu, RSV or strep throat are imperative to prevent further spread and protect individuals from developing more serious and severe symptoms that could result in hospitalization."


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Senator Anna M. Caballero represents the 14th Senate District, composed of majority portions of Merced, Fresno and Madera Counties.

* Senator Anna M. Caballero serves as the Interim Representative for the Salinas Valley and San Benito County until 2024 when a newly elected Senator will assume the district